The London Performers Agency prides itself in having collectively over 20 years  of professional performance experience. With close links to the current  performance industry, we nurture and develop the growth of talented individuals to become versatile performers in the arts. Our aim is to provide industry opportunities as a Spotlight Registered Agency to our  performers alongside supplementary professional training and development.

The Wright Sisters


"Name's' words after jazz today, 'so amazing, I never want to stop dancing!' I don't think you realise how happy you both are making her and how much of a difference you have made already mentally and emotionally. You guys are incredible and I don't think I will ever be able to thank you enough for what you are doing for her."

"I wanted to say a huge thank you to you both for a fabulous week. I was delighted to see 'name' so engaged and committed to the summer intensive, I had a tear in my eye as she performed, so so happy, just really coming in to herself..throughout each session we've seen her grow in confidence and ability too."

"The care and attention given to each student as well as the opportunity to push her, and well,  the make-up tutorial  just made 'name' feel so "grown up" in her words. We would highly recommend yourselves and thank you again for such a wonderfully executed intensive."

"She has had such a fab week and has enjoyed every moment of it! The performances were lovely to watch too. Thank you so much to both of you for organising!"

"I am so impressed by the quality of the teaching and attention to detail, and the variety of the sessions that were offered. I highly recommend this programme to any other students who may be interested."

"I am super impressed with what she has achieved this week. Thank you for a fabulous intensive. I have had updates every day and I am so impressed with the variety and level of detail that has been put in to each class. The teaching has been above and beyond."